March 19, 2016

Advisory Services

Once you’ve made a decision to raise money through an equity crowdfunding campaign you have a lot of decisions to make and a lot of work to do.

The first decision you need to make is which platform you should use to run the campaign.  There is very little difference between the various crowdfunding platforms and they all charge roughly the same percentage of the amount raised.  However, some platforms make a better effort than others to get your campaign in front of as many potential investors as possible.  Arrange a meeting with your preferred platform to see what they can do for you in that regard.

You then need to decide on your ‘Pitch’.  How much do you need to raise and what percentage of your company are you willing to give away for this?  If you are not an expert in valuing companies then you definitely need to take advice on this.  You need to get the balance right between giving away too much equity and ensuring you reach your fundraising target.

The next element of your ‘Pitch’ is the message you want to give to potential investors.  Why should they invest in your company?  What is unique about your investment opportunity?  What are the strengths of your Team?  When can they expect to get their money back?

When you’ve finalised and uploaded your Pitch to the equity crowdfunding platform you come to the most important part of your campaign – promoting it to potential investors.  This is a hands-on, full-time process for the 30-40 day period during which your campaign is running.  Early support from friends and family is critical for building momentum and social proof, but you then need to decide the range of online and offline marketing initiatives you will use.

We are experts in setting up and managing equity crowdfunding campaigns to ensure you maximise your chances of success.  Contact us if we can provide you with any assistance with the launch or promotion of your campaign.