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Go to Value your Company

Value your Company

Everyone has a higher expectation of what their own business is worth. We will give you an independent valuation and review the amount you are looking to raise.

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Prepare Campaign

Raising money through equity crowdfunding is hard work, but the process can be so much easier if you prepare properly. We will go through a full checklist and advise on best practice.

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Manage Campaign

The most successful equity crowdfunding campaigns are managed proactively. We will update your campaign to maximise results during the short fundraising window.

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Promote Campaign

Using high impact digital marketing techniques and online PR we will maximise your campaign exposure and build critical momentum among private investors.

About Equity Crowdfunding

A great way for Irish startups and established companies to raise investment finance.
Quickest, easiest and least expensive way to fundraise.

Equity crowdfunding is a mechanism by which companies can raise money by selling shares to a ‘crowd’ of investors. Think of it as a type of Dragons Den online, where anyone can be the investor.

Crowdfunding involves three parties, namely the business seeking the investment, the investor making the investment, and the online platform which facilitates the fundraising campaign and the associated legal agreements.

The risks involved with equity crowdfunding are high, as the failure rate of start-ups is high. Investors therefore expect to achieve a higher return on their investment as a result.

  • Raise funds in 30 days.

  • 6% Arrangement Fee

  • 100% easier than VC

  • 100's of new Fans

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